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Having a positive body-image?

It can be difficult, especially if you’re a bit overweight and watch how the rest of the world talk about such things, or depict you. Even more so if you’ve gained 5-7kg since you got sick.
But today I did one of the best things I could have done for myself:
I made sure to go up a size and buy the correct size underwear, even though a part of me believed I was still a size smaller. So I got to come home and put on new underwear that fit amazingly!

I also want to thank Lindex, for offering a wider range of larger sizes now, so I don’t have to feel like “if I can’t fit into this size I can’t have nice clothes”.

A year. A lot changed

I’m sick. But I hate using that word.

I’m on sick leave. Due to exhaustion. Depression.
The exhaustion is worse than the depression.

It drains. And paralyzes.

I went for years. I did not realize that the way I pushed myself would be my downfall. Again.

I’m not alone. He loves me. I love him.
He will hold me. Tell me that everything will be okay. One day. But now I need rest.

It is true. Rest. I need rest. So I rest. Resting is not easy.