A Warped Sense of Time

The past month or so, my health hasn’t been too great, and I’ve used Minecraft videos as a chill way to keep myself occupied while my body wasn’t agreeing with anything I tried to do. But, as we moved into January, and on the 7th of January I found myself incredibly confused by the fact that we were only one week into the year. At first I couldn’t figure out why.

As it turns out, when you catch up on video series, that have been made over the lenght of a year, but might just be 10-20 episodes, suddenly your sense of time might get very warped. We did begin at the beginning of the year right? And move through April with pranks, and talk about summer, and then halloween, and then Christmas again, so we must have gone further than a week. Nope. when those episdoes are condensed down to 20-30min, you definitely end up with not quite knowing where you are anymore.

I say that, but what I mean is, if you already have a bit of issues with time, and knowing what day or year or month it is, and having some extra brainfog on top of that, catching up on certain types of YouTube series series might make it worse, but that might be a good thing? Instead of having “wasted” a year, you’ve only lost a week, or three. It’s been over 3 weeks now. Woops.

Anyways. Sometimes time get warped, by the silliest of things, and it can be interesting to take note of it and maybe utilize it, or just enjoy it.

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