Enjoying something for what it is

I have another post brewing with the same title, but that one is focusing on adaptation, this one is not.

This week I was catching up on Another Life season 2 on Netflix. And I decided to look up if there’s going to be a season 3, as one does when you finish a season of anything on Netflix “was it canceled yet?”. It brought me back to those thoughts again, why don’t we just enjoy things for what they are?

There seems to be an overwhelming problem with over-hyping something we’re excited about, or hyper-criticizing things that come out. Either it’s because the adaptation isn’t right, or it’s because these actors who were in these other truly epic pieces of television is now in something similar but not as good (yes, I’m talking about Starbuck).

I think that Another Life may have gotten a lot more negative reviews because it had these iconic people from other really good sci-fi, and if this show isn’t better it must clearly be trash.

Yet here I am after having watched season two, and seeing them wrap up the show in a great way that allows for the show either to end here, or continue further, being very happy about having watched it.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I know individual tastes can vary. But maybe we need to stop being so hyper-critical about very single new Sci-fi show that comes out.

I guess this is just turning into a sneak peek preview of my post about adaptation and just enjoying things for what they are, because it’s helping me think about more examples and structuring more words in my head.

Maybe that needs to be my Master thesis, a continued conversation about adaptation and fandoms burying a show before it even got a chance to get it’s footing.

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